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Ros & I took part in the Shahzada 2009 Horse Enduro as Wicen operators. It was lots of fun. We stayed in a tent and braved the cold (minimum -1 to 6 centigrade at 6 am, maximum 18-20 centigrade during the day).

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CHECK IT OUT HERE: http://www.vk9ni.com/
Someone asked me about resolving interference and I remembered a really good logical flowchart, so I decided to post it here:

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Current Propagation Forecast


Australian Hams are required to self assess their station to ensure compliance with prescribed maximum emissions levels. Here is a spreadsheet I used to assess mine. I believe the formulae are compliant, but as laws change periodically, you should check this out yourself as well.

 My Australian EMR Self Assessment Excel Spreadsheet

I had a Yaesu FT-817, so I needed a portable HF antenna. My good friend VK2KGG sent me a design for a 20m Dipole made from TV ribbon, plus a simple balun. I made it and used it. It's very good!

However, after having a lot of fun with it, I sold my I sold my FT-817 to a friend, & bought a Yaesu FT-857D,   mainly because it is capable of 100 watts and has DSP.

Click here to see my  2001 Fiji HF micro-dxpedition

*** Read about a Space Station Contact with 3rd Rose Bay Rovers  2001 during Jota when I was the control operator ***




Repeater Data for programming Handhelds.

Part of my travel includes Amateur radio. I usually take a handheld or two with me, and I do quite a bit of research and planning. As a result I have set up some useful files for my Yaesu handhelds. I have six.
Yaesu FT51rft51r , FT11rft-11 and VX1r.vx-1r and Vx-3r and Vx-5r and Vx-7r
The great thing is you can program them using the ADMS or the Commander software  , and use one RDF file (radio definition file)
The VX1 had originally the most memories- 291 of them! so I usually filled that up first. I then merged the bits that are relevant into each of the other radios, depending on their capabilities.
What I am doing here is to share those definition files.
Requirements: ADMS 1D software or later, or Commander software
                      The programming cable (has some electronics inthe cable)
                           A yaesu radio capable of being programmed via ADMS.

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  • Here are the VX1 files for:
  • Israel
  • Israel-text version
  • Greece
  • Greece-text version
  • USA     (Chicago,IL  Dayton,OH  Washington,DC,New York City, Boston MA)
  • USA text version
  • Sydney (VK2) (Where I live)
  • Sydney -text version
  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand --text version
  • KF4MOR's Miami Fl RDF file (FT50)
  • MiamiFL-text version
  • KF4MOR'S FbDallas RDF file (FT50)
  • FbDallas text version
  • KF4MOR's Seattle RDF file (FT50)
  • Seattle text version
  • VX5-Pacific Crest Trail (California to Oregon to Washington)  (thanks to Bill AA6J and Eric AH8AI) Click to see Bill's detailed explanation

  • (If your browser tries to display a file rather than download it, just right-click on it and save-as""..)

    External Links

  • N2QVC's RDF files
  • KE6VVW's RDf files

  • If YOU have any interesting files, you could email them to me at with a short description and I'll post them here.

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